The South African online gambling landscape has opened up in the past few months resulting a host of new gambling offerings to its gambling inhabitants. All popular game types are introduced from slot game, table games, live dealer games and games like Bingo and Keno. All these games and all their variants can be enjoyed on the platform of your choice such as desktop or mobile. These 20 new casinos all possess the coveted MGA casino license, meaning they can take bets and pay out winnings in the local currency of South African rands.

What are mobile casino games?

Internet gambling took off commercially in the mid 1990s around about the time when cell phones became popular in South Africa. Although online gambling 'technically' was not allowed locally, it wasn't until 2011 when NetEnt first released mobile games to its casinos operators. Officially, online gambling was still allowed in South Africa so there was a score of less-legal online casinos operating in the market, taking advantage of the confusing legislation around the topic. Mobile games are now available via downloads or via direct play from a mobile online casino in South Africa. Depending on the casino, you might first need to to sign up in order to download and play mobile games, which, with South Africa's data costs, is not ideal.

How do the new breed of online casinos that are entering the local market aim to mitigate the South African data cost issue in 2020? Today, all online games offered by reputable casino game provides can be enjoyed on all mobile devices thanks to HTML 5 technology that allows for casino games to be played across desktop and mobile platforms. This means that no downloads are required and that the players can simply click and play directly from the mobile casino. Not only do these casinos offer direct play straight from the casino's mobile site but most of them will offer this for free without expecting the players to sign up or deposit.

Why are mobile games offered for free?

There are many advantages for casinos offering their mobile games free to South African online casino players. The main reason is that the player can check out the game variety and get insight about the casino's game providers without ay financial commitment. These games also need to be frequently updated. The main reason of any online casino being in business is its games. This is what attracts the player. Unlike land-based casinos that have peripheral attractions such as carnival rides, food courts and live shows. The casino needs to ensure that the player has enough information to make an informed decision to enter into a long-term relationship with the casino.

Another reason why mobile casinos offer their games for free to players is that the players can play the games as if he is playing them for real so that he can experience the full game experience. The player should be allowed to change bet limits, try out the game features and experience the bonus features to find a game that appeals to him thematically and suits his preferred gameplay style. The free games work off exactly the same random number generator as the paid-for games, the only difference is that the player can play them risk free and obviously cannot cash out winnings made from this free play.


What else can I check out by playing for free?

Apart for a player being able to check out a casino's games and games providers, playing for free also brings further advantages. By providing free mobile game play, the casino is also exposing its operational processes to the player without the player having to sign up first. This mean that the player can investigate important factors of the casino up front like the financial processes and the customer support channels. Specifics to look at when evaluating the financial support of an online casino has to start with the currency. South African players would want to transact and place bets in ZAR without having to continuously convert back and forth to a strong first-world currency such as EUR or USD.

The ease and speed of making deposits with the casino to play mobile games for real money is also a factor. The casino should support the most popular payment methods available in South Africa. These should range from debit and credit cards, through to fund transfers, and a good range of web wallets such as PayPal or Skrill. The player should be free to make his own decisions to what works and what doesn't for him. The withdrawal process is just as important as this is a misunderstood process and is not always thoroughly communicated by casinos. Players need to see if they can receive withdrawals back to their original payment methods they used for deposits for convenience.


What about customer service?

In addition to the player wanting to make financial transactions in his or her chosen currency, he must also insist to being communicated to in the language of this choice. Therefore the mobile casino must offer local language support in the site content as well as in customer support channels. The latter is an important aspect to investigate upfront as a casino's customer support is the only face the player has when dealing with the anonymity of the internet. All communication options need to be provided for such as chat, email and telephonic support. The knowledge of the agents and their availability are also key indicators of how players will be treated as paying customers.

All these aspects such as financial and customer support can be checked out from using the free games aspect of the mobile casino as the base. The normal player journey of the casino all flows from gameplay and in order to evaluate the casino, the player can start his journey with the free play. If the online casino is organised in its dealings with the player, the terms and conditions page should be intuitive enough without the players having to scroll and read-search for information. Frequently asked questions should be answered already in a FAQ section that is publicly displayed. For all unclear information, the players should reach out and test the knowledge of the support agents.

How can I enjoy free mobile casino games in South Africa?

Online gambling in South Africa just got a lot more entertaining and more legal with the entry of over 20 reputable new online casinos to the market. These casinos offer all their games across platforms so that they can be played from mobile devices as well. They also offer the play of these games free of charge to that players can first get a sense of the variety and functionality of these games before they will commit to depositing with the casino. The free play games require no heavy downloads that consume data, and can be played directly from the casino's mobile site without the player needing to sign up.

The transparency of these new online casinos comes as a breath of fresh air in an otherwise tainted South African online casino market that has been dogged by illegal operators that cashed in on confusing and tenderpreneuric practices from gaming authorities. Mobile casino operators have now realised that they need to first establish trust before expecting any commitment for the players. To start your new journey in mobile casino entertainment, simply search for South African casinos now possessing the coveted MGA casino license, do your free research by playing free games and sign up and deposit with an assured heart. A new world of mobile casino entertainment is waiting for the informed.